About Us

Smoki® USA: Committed to Environmental Improvement

Our Mission

Smoki® USA is a green company with the mission to significantly reduce atmospheric pollution caused by solid fuel burning appliances. Nearly 36% of the United States CO2 emissions are due to the burning of solid fuels, a number which Smoki® USA is committed to help reduce. We also strive to reduce odor pollution and improve fire safety in neighborhood settings with the use of our wet scrubbing technology.

Our Track Record

Smoki® USA head office is located in Westchester County, NY; however, our network of dealers and service associates are available across the nation. We consider it our duty to help restaurants, hotels, building managers and engineers through the process of installation and make the switch to cleaner burning as simple as possible. Our line of smoke cleaning machines - originally invented by the Pirani family for the European market - have been installed across both the European and North American continents. With our wet scrubber technology in operation for over 15 years, we continue to provide the same high quality service and products that our name represents.

Clients Currently Using Our Kitchen Pollution Control Systems