Maxi Grill

Pollution Control for Commercial Kitchen Hood Systems

The Maxi Grill is a pollution control system designed to eliminate 95% of soot and grease particulate in commercial kitchen hood systems - and simultaneously reducing odor and heat. Comply with particulate emissions levels set forth by the EPA NAAQS.

Comply with EPA
National Ambient
Air Quality Standards
Low Operation Costs
At an Average
of 70¢/day
Install Inline of
The Chimney to Bring Your
Restaurant to Code

1200 CFM

1800 CFM

3700 CFM

4700 CFM

6200 CFM

Eliminate Kitchen Exhaust Emissions for Smoke, Grease and Odor

The Pollution Control System for the Modern Kitchen

The Maxi Grill is a commercial kitchen hood scrubber superbly designed for the particular demands of a modern kitchen. Unlike many existing pollution control systems, the Maxi Grill operates with a minimal water consumption of 9 gallons/hour. A patented high pressure water nozzle array and particulate filter system consecutively remove even the smallest particulate from the smoke stream. The Maxi Grill reduces particulate matter including soot and grease by 95%, odor by 50% and the final vapor stream to an average temperature of 100ºF. If complete odor abatement is necessary, an additional odor neutralizing liquid can be fed inline of the water stream for 98% odor reduction.


Smoke and Grease Particulate 95%
Odor 98%
Installation and Maintenance

The Maxi Grill can be installed almost anywhere inline of the chimney system with access to an electrical connection and a water intake/direct drain line. The Maxi Grill can be installed inside or outside, placed on the ground, or even suspended on a wall or ceiling. Routine maintenance on the unit includes a simple rinse of the water tank and filter system. The washable filter system saves thousands of dollars per year compared to competing kitchen emission control systems which require regular replacement filters.

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     Vapor Released
    Into The
How it Works
maxi grill airflow animation, kitchen hood smoke filter for pollution control

Smoke Enters
By Direct Connection
To The Hood System
An array of high pressure water nozzles cool and clean the smoke of large particulate and odor, pushing the particulate matter into the water tank below.
Soot, particulate and grease are skimmed from the water tank and discharged through the drain, utilizing less than 9 gallons of water/hour during operation.
The remaining smoke passes through a series of three washable filters, each removing increasingly smaller particulate and grease matter.