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Connie's Pizza N State St Building

Connie's Pizza


Connie's Pizza is a Chicago institution with over 50 years of serving pizza to the Chicago public. Their new location at the base of the 1030 North skyscraper required a unique venting solution in the dense urban environment. The Smoke Zapper allowed Connie's to vent their wood fired oven through the ground-floor wall. This solution saved the need to run a solid fuel chimney line of over 52 stories.

Installed : 
Smoke Zapper 250
Martha Washington Hotel



Marta, located within the lobby of the historic Martha Washington Hotel on Park Avenue, serves artisan style pizza and Italian fare in an open kitchen setting. The use of both a large grill and two brick pizza ovens posed an issue in terms of the odor and smoke nuisance for their hotel clientele. The use of both the Smoke Zapper and Maxi Grill pollution control technology allows Marta to use solid fuel cooking without the worry that they will disturb their guests or create a fire hazard.

Installed : 
Smoke Zapper 300, Maxi Grill 500
Dont Antonio by Starita on 50th St

Don Antonio


Don Antonio by Starita is an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria created by the highly respected master pizzaiolo duo Roberto Caporuscio and Antonio Starita. Their New York City location in the heart of the Broadway Theater District experiences heavy foot traffic and is surrounded by multi-story buildings. The use of the Smoke Zapper technology allowed them to bake pizzas with the traditional wood fired Neapolitan oven, without the nuisance of odor or smoke for nearby tenants or passerby.

Installed : 
Smoke Zapper 250
Belvedere Square Market Baltimore

Belvedere Square Market


Belvedere Square Market is a 110,000 square foot mixed retail shopping, dining and service center in North Baltimore. The wood fired restaurant Egyptian Pizza, located within the center, required a solution for the smoke and odor released into the pedestrian walkway. Smoki USA provided the Smoke Zapper pollution control technology which allows Egyptian Pizza to operate within the shopping center without disturbing any neighboring shops or guests.

Installed : 
Smoke Zapper 250
miller's guild maxi grill 500S pollution control unit seattle

Miller's Guild


Miller's Guild opened in December 2013, located in the historic Hotel Max, built around a nine-foot-long, custom-made wood-fired grill. James Beard Award winning chef Jason Wilson crafted a menu featuring 75-day dry-aged beef, nose-to-tail butchery, and rustic baked goods. Smoki USA provided Miller's Guild the pollution control technology needed to clean the smoke emissions from the massive wood fired grill.

Installed : 
Maxi Grill 500 S