The Solution for Wood-Fired Kitchen Emissions

Smoki® Pollution Control
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Learn how Smoki® USA products have been used to resolve environmental & mechanical issues for restaurants across the world

Solving Solid Fuel Kitchens

Smoki® USA technology is designed to resolve the unique challenges of wood-fired cooking in the food-service industry – from ensuring a healthy environment for neighbors, to reducing grease and fire risk in the chimney duct

An Answer for Every Size

The Smoki® USA pollution control line can handle almost any wood burning cooking appliance, no matter how small or large – as well as whether it’s direct connected or placed under a canopy hood

Cleaner Air

Reduce visible smoke and particulate matter emissions

Reduced Odor

Reduce cooking odors in the vicinity of the chimney exhaust

Cleaner Duct

Reduce creosote and grease build up inside of the chimney

Cooking Equipment Applications

Pizza Oven
BBQ Smoker
Wood-fired Grill
Wood/Coal fired

Years of Experience

in the international market delivering environmental & mechanical solutions for commercial wood-fired kitchens such as…

Industry News

NYC Air Pollution Control Code for Wood and Coal Fired Appliances

NYC Air Pollution Control Code for Wood and Coal Fired Appliances

On May 6th, 2015, the New York City Council and Mayor De Blasio passed a large amendment regarding solid fuel pollution control in the New York City Air Pollution Control Code. Restauranteurs, food service consultants, and building engineers should be aware of the new...

Smoki® USA is committed to improving the environment by providing commercial kitchen ventilation equipment to improve air quality