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Smoki® USA stands for an international commitment to cleaner emissions from wood-burning kitchen equipment

Developed in 1994

The first generation of Smoki® technology was developed over 25 years ago

International Presence

Installations in North & South America, Europe, and the Middle East

Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation

Smoki® began with the development of a prototype commercial wet scrubber device for wood fired pizza ovens in Italy in 1994. The development of this initial device launched the Smoki® s.r.l. firm in Italy, where manufacturing and product development continues to this day.

The success of Smoki® s.r.l’s development in Italy has led to the widespread adoption of Smoki® technology across the European continent, with offices in the Netherlands and France. In 2014, Smoki® expanded to the North American market, establishing Smoki® USA.

Smoki®’s initial mission was to develop a pollution control solution targeted specifically for traditional wood fired pizza ovens, particularly due to the high density of such ovens in modern Italy.

This mission statement expanded in the 2010s to include wood fired grills and other wood fired cooking appliances, with the launch of the Maxi Grill product line.

A Unique Vision


A Market Leader

Smoki® units have been designed to fill a gap in the market which the pre-existing manufacturers were not addressing – wood fired cooking.

A More Affordable Choice

The decision to base Smoki® technology on the principle of wet scrubbers avoids the high maintenance costs that would be incurred from installing electrostatic precipitator type PCUs in ducts serving wood fired cooking appliances.

High Quality Construction

A commitment was made to quality construction, which is why all Smoki® Smoke Zapper and Maxi Grill units are manufactured in-house at our Italian headquarters.

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Industry News

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NYC Air Pollution Control Code for Wood and Coal Fired Appliances

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Smoki® USA is committed to improving the environment by providing commercial kitchen ventilation equipment to improve air quality