Smoke Zapper

Exhaust Filtration System for Wood Fired Ovens/Smokers

Smoke Zapper

Exhaust Filtration Device for Direct-Connected Wood Fired Ovens

The Smoke Zapper is a pollution control system that thoroughly eliminates 95% of soot and smoke particulate discharged through the chimney of a coal fired or wood fired oven – thereby preventing atmospheric pollution and greatly reducing the risk of a chimney fire. 

Cleaner Air For Your Neighborhood and City

Low Operation Costs At an Average of 70¢/Day

Install Inline of The Chimney to Bring Your Restaurant to Code

Better for the Environment, Better for You

The Smoke Zapper is an elegantly designed smoke scrubbing technology built for use in commercial pizza ovens. The Smoke Zapper operates by forcing smoke through a series of highly pressurized water nozzles, stripping the smoke of particulate and gasses whilst reducing heat. The flue gasses pass through a cooled chamber and exit the unit at a an average temperature of 100°F, with an average 95% reduction of particulate matter and a 50% reduction in odor. This technology solves almost any issue regarding fire safety, neighborhood complaints, and environmental codes with wood/coal ovens. Ask us about your local jurisdiction’s requirements to see what Smoki can do for you.

Installation and Maintenance

The Smoke Zapper can be installed in numerous situations, whether mounted to a wall, sitting on the floor, or even placed outside of the building. The Smoke Zapper can also be attached inline of an existing chimney stack as an upgrade. Maintenance consists of a twice monthly water tank rinse using the attached hose, and a further rinse of drains and pipes twice a year. Proper maintenance of the Smoke Zapper requires less than 20 minutes per month, without the need to purchase costly filters or hire qualified engineers to perform routine cleaning procedures.

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How the Smoke Zapper Filters Wood Smoke

Smoke enters the unit via direct connection to the chimney of the pizza oven or BBQ smoker

Vapor continues through the remaining chimney stack and is released into the atmosphere


High pressure water nozzles create a negative pressure system which pulls the smoke stream into the unit, subsequently cleaning and cooling the smoke with a continuous blast of water.


Soot and particulate fall into the water tank below. The smart water recycling system releases the particulate through the drain but conserves the fresh water in the tank.


Clean vapor is released into a chimney or directly to the atmosphere at an average temperature of 100ºF.

Speak with a Smoki Rep

Unsure of which Smoki pollution control unit is the appropriate choice for your situation? Get in touch with Smoki USA to be assigned a representative that can advise your team on the correct solution for your wood fired kitchen!

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