Exhaust Filtration Systems for Wood Fired Kitchens

Clean Up Wood Fired Kitchen Emissions

Smoki® systems are designed to be connected in-line of commercial kitchen grease duct, reducing emissions levels before the terminal exhaust point. Learn which system, the Smoke Zapper, or the Maxi Grill, is the right choice for you.

Kitchen Hood Exhaust Capture

For any wood-fired cooking appliance that exhausts into a Type I commercial kitchen hood

Direct Connected Chimneys

For wood-fired pizza ovens, BBQ smokers, and other wood-fired appliances that are vented via direct chimney connection without the use of a Type I kitchen hood

Speak with a Smoki® Rep

Unsure of which Smoki® pollution control unit is the appropriate choice for your situation? Get in touch with Smoki® USA to be assigned a representative that can advise your team on the correct solution for your wood fired kitchen!

Smoki® USA is committed to improving the environment by providing commercial kitchen ventilation equipment to improve air quality