La Pizza & La Pasta 

Reducing smoke and odor from dual wood fired pizza ovens in the heart of the Manhattan Financial District

  • Date: 2017
  • Location: 4 WTC, New York City, NY
  • Client: Eataly
  • Model Used: Smoke Zapper 300,
    2 x Smoke Zapper 250

About this Project

Eataly is a large Italian marketplace founded in 2010. Each location features a variety of restaurants, bakeries, and retail counters. Since the opening of the first Eataly in 2010, many more locations have opened across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. 

nyc restaurant ventilation

Smoki® USA has provided pollution control systems to pizzerias in various Eataly locations.

Two Smoke Zapper 250 units were supplied in order to treat the smoke from the 2 Italian wood fired ovens, as well as a Smoke Zapper 300 for a large Spanish bread oven. Due to the location of the establishment, in the iconic 4 World Trade Center, running a chimney line to the roof would have proven costly and extremely challenging. With the usage of the Smoki systems, the locations were able to safely vent clean water vapour out the side of the building, without causing odour or smoke nuisances to neighbouring buildings, and without the need to run the chimney line to the roof of the building.


Smoki® USA is committed to improving the environment by providing commercial kitchen ventilation equipment to improve air quality